Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sock Summit Part I

So I finally have some time to sit down and recap Sock Summit 2009 or "the greatest sock show on the Earth". We will overlook the fact that it may be the only sock show on the Earth. It was still the greatest. It was a fabulous 4 days that started on Aug 5th when I went with Rachel to pick up the registration packet and the swag goodies.

Here is the dragon boat with the registration area nearby. The longest line was for people whose last names ended with "A to H". So that is the line I was in.

Rachel and I totally went fangirl on Judy Becker. She created the "Judy's Magic Cast On" when she was sick at home. And this cast on can be used for other things besides socks.

Before we headed home, we stopped at a little restaurant in downtown Portland known as Karam's Restaurant. It serves Lebanese cuisine and I had actually never been there. Since I live in Hillsboro, I really don't have many opportunities to go to downtown Portland. The meal I picked for my first one was the Lamb Awarma (Ground spiced lamb mixed with parsley and onions served on hummus) and a Rose Water Lebanese Soda that was quite refreshing. The hummus was creamier than the hummus I usually buy from the store.

And here is my swag package. The beer glass was for The Chief. I absolutely love that bag as it can hold quite a bit of yarn and all of the pockets come in very handy.
To Be Continued...


Tammy said...

Just fyi, the beer glass can hold a 12 oz can of soda, with ice, or a nice size margarita. Ask me how I know. ;)

Unknown said...

Margaritas at Tammy's house!! Woohoo!

Unknown said...

Oh, when the Ethiopian place opens up again we're so going!

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