Monday, June 23, 2008

The Next Evening

Andromeda sat there in the common room in front of the fireplace just staring. Staring at the flames. Staring at her broomstick. It was late at night and she should have been in bed already. But she was restless and couldn't sleep. She had too much on her mind. There was the very strange quidditch match yesterday and the new boy at school kept giving her funny looks every time she saw him. They had Ancient Runes and Arithmacy at the same time. There were quite a few girls charmed by him and she couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Sure, he was cute and all. Okay, so he was more than just cute. But still, he was just another boy.

So not only was that going thru her mind, but she was wondering what all the frustration was about from yesterday's quidditch match. It made no sense. But since when did things make sense in the highly competative arena of quidditch between the four houses.

Andi, it's gonna be all right. Andromeda sighed not even looking up. She knew her twin sister was not in the Slytherin common room but up in Ravenclaw Tower. They had been doing this their whole lives. Talking to each other without speaking out loud. It's just unheard of. She replied to her twin sister Avada. Two quidditch matches within the span of 4 days. And to be honest, I am not sure that it is completely necessary. Yes, I am disappointed that we didn't catch the snitch but it was our own bloody fault for taking too long to start the search.

The decision has already been made. Avada replied. So just deal with it.

Andromeda scowled. She hated it when her sister got all preachy like that. Fine then, I am going out for a ride. Grabbing her broomstick off the floor, she headed toward the exit of the common room.

No Andromeda! You can't. Students aren't allowed out this late at night. You'll get in trouble.
Andromeda rolled her eyes. Her sister was such a stickler for the rules, that it wasn't even funny. I am going anyway and you can't stop me, she replied. Not hearing any more from her twin she left the common room and started heading toward the court yard.

Just as she was climbing onto her Nimbus 2000, she heard a voice that stopped her in her tracks.

"Andromeda, you really don't want to do that.", said a very familiar male voice behind her. be continued

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