Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: The Year of The Crew Chief

First of all I would like to declare 2015 to be "The Year of the Crew Chief".  The Crew Chief as in Chad Knaus... 6 time Championship Crew Chief of the Lowe's 48 team.  I'm not exactly sure what this means but I like the sound of it.  And now onto the rest of the post...

Another new year is now upon us and traditionally this means new year's resolutions.  Normally I don't do them simply because I can never remember to keep them... hence, why bother?  But this year, I thought I would give it a chance.  However, I'm going to do this my way.  So instead of just one resolution, I have a short list of items I would like to work on this year.

1 - Write more often
2 - Drink less soda / more water
3 - Get a decent amount of sleep each night
4 - Do that work out thing
5 - De-clutter the house

This day also marks the beginning of the Winter 2015 term of the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup.  Happily I have been sorted once again to the Noble House of Slytherin.  I've already made the decision to do another non-crazy term.  No Advanced Studies.  At least one class a month which is the minimum requirement.  Of course I can't resist doing all of the Quidditch since I am once again honoured to be a Quidditch Coach.

Crafting goals include:
1 - use as much stash yarn as possible
2 - sewing projects that can fit into class prompts
3 - spinning
4 - work on weaving skills

I've also been considering selling hand made items via Etsy.  I just haven't decided on what I want to sell.  There have been ideas about project bags, cowls, stuffed items, beaded items.  I have a small list started.  The fun part comes with pricing items.  How do you come up with a price on a hand made item.  Not only does the price of the materials have to be counted but the time involved in making the item.  Those who don't actually make crafts sometimes don't understand why hand made items cost more.  It doesn't help that similar items can be found at the big box stores at lower prices.  But thankfully, there are still some who think that hand made items are worth the extra cost.

So that's all I got for now.  Hopefully I can keep up the writing.  Have a great start to the new year y'all!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye, 2014

Another year is coming to an end.  I'm one year older.  But that doesn't make me more wiser than last year.  It just makes me one year older.  Parts of this year just seem like a blur.  But let's face it, I'm not very good at remembering dates.  I don't even remember the date that I got engaged.  And if you've seen those jewelry commercials then you will know that apparently that's an important date in a woman's life.  That along with marriage and the birth of children.  Obviously I remember the later two since they are celebrated on a yearly basis.  But is it really that important to remember the first one?  Things that make you go hmmmm...

Overall, it's been a good year.  So instead of going crazy over the not so good events toward the end of October, I shall just focus on the positive parts of the year.  I would have to say one of the highlights of this year was finally seeing a NASCAR race in person.  It was the June Michigan race.  The only downside was that I got my first sunburn that day.  But in the end that really didn't matter since I got to see the Lowe's 48 team win for the first time at that track.  Not even the rude Harvick fan can ruin those memories for me.  He thought Chad Plushie should have been a voodoo doll.  I like to think that Chad Plushie brought the team a little bit of good luck.

One day I hope to have the winning diecast race car.  But right now it's just not in the budget.  I did get the tee shirt.  And of course I still have my memories.  And at this point in time... those are good enough.  I'm amazed that I saw the race.  Pretty sure I spent most of my time looking at the Lowe's 48 pit box.  Nothing wrong with that though... some good sights to see on top of that box.

Another good memory from the year would be the friends I have met.  Even though some of them have popped out of my life for whatever reason, they will always be remembered.  And I wish them nothing but the best of luck and a very happy life.  I will be forever thankful that for a brief moment I was able to call them friends.  And to those friends who still chat with me... thank you, thank you for sticking with me.  True friendship is so very hard to come by these days.  It's even more difficult for people like me who don't find it easy to open up to others.  I may seem like a chatterbox online but in person I am not.  Really, I'm more of the "blend in the background" kind of person.

So before I get all weepy writing this post, I'll just bring this to an end.  For some reason a quote from the movie "Young Catherine" (1991) about Catherine II of Russia comes to mind.  I saw it years ago on VHS.  I don't even know if it's on DVD yet but check out YouTube if you're interested in viewing it.  But anyways... She was addressing the troops and said "What is past cannot be re-written.  But is in our power to right the future".  Learn from the past.  Do not dwell on the past.  Everything happens for a reason.  And remember that life will always find a way.  

Friday, October 24, 2014



Plato, Mahtma Gandhi, Simone de Beauvoir, Cate Blanchett, Al Pacino, Adrien Brody, David Schwimmer, Sufjan Stevens, George Harrison, Michel Pfeiffer, Carey Mulligan




INFJs are kind, mindful, complex and highly intuitive people. This is the most rare personality type of all, only 1 percent of the population has it.

They like to organize their outer world in categories and priorities they never stop redefining. However, they have a great intuition and deal with their inner life very spontaneously. They perceive and understand things very intuitively and are very rarely wrong about their intuitions. This dichotomy between their inner and outer life may result in INFJs being less organized than other Judging types.

Because of their great instincts, INFJs understand people and situations very easily. They often feel when something has happened to some of their friends of family members even if they cannot really explain to themselves how they perceived it. Those strong intuitive capabilities may lead them sometimes to stubbornness and ignoring other people's opinions since they trust their instincts above everything else. This attitude should not be perceived as arrogance as INFJs are perfectionists and think they should always improve themselves and the world around.

INFJs set up a strong value system for themselves and always care about living in accordance with their values and ideals. They are warm and easy going as long as they do not have to compromise their values.

Warm and caring, they hate conflicts and will avoid hurting people. They will generally internalize their anger which can be a source of stress and health problems for them.

In the work place, most INFJs show up in creative and independent positions. They are good at art and sciences where they can use their intuition at best. They are generally bad at dealing with details and prefer working on the big picture.

INFJs are natural nurturers, protective and devoted. They make loving parents and build strong bonds with their children.
INFJ: Wolf

INFJs are value-driven individuals who tend to remain mysterious and complex even after you’ve become close to one. They are often creative and inspired individuals. They are good at perceiving emotions and are sensitive to the feelings of others, but they are not very prone to revealing much of themselves until they trust someone completely. That said, they are intensely interested in the well-being of others and are often seen as protectors as well as natural leaders.