Friday, October 15, 2010

Love Bites IV: Halloween Vamp Swap

I love Halloween. Everything about it from the goodies to the scary movies. And this is my second Halloween Vampire Swap through Ravelry. I received these goodies from Valerie of Maine. It was a total squee moment when I opened the package. She even put my favorite perfume (Soft Musk from Avon) in the package.

Other goodies include:
a pair of Bella mittens
a Bella hat (to match the one she wore in Eclipse but just in black/red)
a vampire mug cozy
a set of Knit Picks DPNs in 2.5mm
a sparkly red/gold scarf
1 skein of Trekking hand art in the Vulkan colourway
a spider bag that she sewed herself
a lovely bracelet
1 Avon lip balm (fall splendor)

*please note that the links above are Ravelry links*

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