Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolutions


Apparently there is this great tradition where people make new resolutions at the start of the new year. Of course there is always the ever popular loose weight and eat healthier ones. But does anyone actually follow through with them or just give up within a few months? Well, to be honest I have yet to do any resolutions so this year I am trying something new. It will be like resolutions but less pressure. So I have a short list of what I want to work on this year but if I don't get around to it then I refuse to feel guilty. Life is too short for needless guilt trips.

1. The Year of Design...
This year I will attempt to actually write down the designs that are in my head. They won't do anyone any good if I don't write them down.

2. Massive decluttering of the house
Seriously, we have too much stuff and it needs to go away. The usable stuff will most likely go to Goodwill.

3. Drink less sodas. They are not really good for you anyway and I should be drinking more tea since I have quite a bit on hand. But first go through tea stash and make sure none have past expiration dates.

4. I am gonna throw in the eat healthier and loose weight since that is always good. Plus I really want to drop a pant size or two.

5. Start a journal of some sort to write down the weird dreams I have of alien invasions and zombies. I really don't know where they come from.

I am sure that I could come up with more but I don't want to overwhelm myself so early in the year. The boys will keep me plenty busy anyway.

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