Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Post In Which I Geek Out

Let's face it. There are a few things in life that I totally and completely geek out over. One of those is kitchen items and one of my favourite stores to go to is Cook's Corner down in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you ever have a chance to visit Green Bay then its a must visit store if you like to cook or bake.  I'm pretty sure I picked up the cupcake liners at a craft store but the rest of the items came from Cook's Corner.  Ever since I saw Alton Brown use those push-up measuring cups on his show I had to have them.  That is the same reason I got a salt server.  It has come in quite handy during cooking.  On occasion I would look up the measuring cups through Amazon and a few times I almost bought them but never did.  I'm really glad that I didn't impulse buy them from Amazon.  They will be used for measuring sticky items like honey and peanut butter.

These awesome items did not come from Cook's Corner.  They came from an online site called Think Geek.  The two items in the back are ice cube makers but I've seen them used to make chocolate candies.  The one on the left is inspired by the tv show Firefly.  Sadly, it only lasted a season.  Just picture cowboys in space and you get the basic premise of that show.  But the mold is that of the spaceship Serenity.  The other one is of course from Doctor Who... Tardis and Daleks.

And last but not least... these items arrived today.  Yes, I needed R2-D2 measuring cups.  It was just too awesome to pass up on.  Can you just imagine how much awesome mixed drinks will be with Han Solo ice cubes???  The Doctor Who item is a gelatin/cake mold.  There's always room for jello.

And now here is a random geeky fact about me... My first geeky crush was Wedge Antilles.  I even read the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron books about him.  I'd have to get new copies since I seem to have misplaced mine or they got lost during a move.

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