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Order of the Phoenix - Winter 2013

So here are the notes of the mission in its entirety...

January 2nd

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” The Crew Chief tried to gently wake up the sleeping witch knowing that she can get really cranky first thing in the morning. “I brought coffee.”

“It’s too early.” The sleeping figure just rolled over and growled. “Wait… what time is it?”

“It’s 8 in the morning… so wake up sleepy head and drink your coffee.”

She growled one more time before finally sitting up and accepting the coffee. “Have you seen Jeff around lately? I didn't see him yesterday and then got caught up in the whole beginning-of-term fun.”

“He mentioned something about a trip to Charlotte.”

“Charlotte, North Carolina? That boy’s timing needs some work. The new term has barely begun and he has already run off.” She sighed to her self and took another sip of coffee. “So what’s on the schedule for today?”

“That would be class projects.”

“What about the Order request planning?”

“Ummmm….” The Crew Chief just gave her a look and tried to figure out what to say next. ”I’m under strict orders not to plan anything for the Order project.”

“What?!? Are you kidding me? I thought he got over the whole Dark Forest incident.”

“Well, apparently not.”

“Oh for crying out loud. Did he mention when he was coming back?”

“Not to me.”

“Well then… his little Virginia rear end better be back in time or I will plan one without him. But until then… we look at class prompts.”

January 5th

The Crew Chief stood there in the common room and looked through his notes for the current term. Who knew knitting and crocheting required so much planning? It almost reminded him of all the planning he had to put in during the Nascar season. He took a look around the common room to locate his little witch… well Burton’s little witch but Burton wasn't here at the moment so he considered her to be all his until the return of that race car driver. He was just about to walk over to her when he felt a slight tug at his pants. Standing right in front of him was a house elf clutching what looked like a letter.

“Yes?” He gave the house elf a polite but questioning look.

“Excuse me, Mr. Knaus, but I have a letter for Ms. Girly and I was wondering…” The house elf looked a bit nervous.

“You were wondering if I would deliver if for you?” The house elf nodded his head up and down. “I don’t blame you for not wanting to go near her right now. She’s been a bit cranky these past few days. Of course I will deliver it for you. I can handle her cranky moods.”

“Oh, thank you!” The house elf handed the letter over to the Crew Chief and ran off in a cheery mood.

“Hey sweet cheeks…”

She just sighed at him and gave him a “what now????” look.

“Don’t be so grumpy. He’s only been gone a few days and just think we got to spend lots of time together.” He flashed her that boyish grin that he knows works so well. “Don’t make me tickle you.”

She flashed a tiny smile.

“Well, it’s a start. Oh and this letter is for you. One of the house elves gave it to me… too scared to come deliver in person no doubt… can’t imagine why.”

“Give me that… little turd. Have a seat.” She pointed to a spot next to her and then curled up next to him. “Hey, it’s from Jeff. I’m not even going to ask how he managed to pull this one off.”


I have the most amazing idea for your Order project this term. I was checking out my new car for the upcoming season and the idea just popped into my head. It did take me a few days to get the colors needed for this project so I hope Knaus didn’t drive you too crazy in my absence. We both know how he can get when he gets in planning mode.

“What?!? What’s he trying to imply?!?” Chad asked with a slight annoyance in his voice.

“Simply that you have a tendency to get really intense when in ‘planning mode’ and we both know that it is true.”

The Crew Chief just growled in response.

“Don’t growl… that’s my job.”

I have picked up enough fingering weight yarn in colors inspired by my race car. You should be able to recognize the colors assuming Knaus hasn't blinded you with those Lowe's colors.

Chad just mumbled to himself… “Nothing wrong with those Lowe's colors…” Girly just ignored the getting-more-agitated-by-the-moment Crew Chief and continued reading.

Now let me make this perfectly clear missy. You will NOT be going into the Dark Forest this term. No, it is not up for negotiation. Don’t think I’ve forgotten that whole incident from last term. I want you safe this term. I will see you tomorrow and we can plan out what you are doing for the Order this term. By the time I get back you should already have some idea of what the missions are going to be like. So be ready to talk about them and I may even let Knaus help.

Until then…


“I wonder which paint scheme he is talking about… hmmm… now I am kinda curious about what he is planning.”

“Pfffttt… still nothing wrong with those Lowe's colors”, replied a very grumpy Chad.

She looked at the highly agitated Crew Chief and smiled. “Don’t be so grumpy. That’s my job too.”

January 7th

Chad Knaus was extremely flustered… and annoyed. He was annoyed because a certain race car driver was a day late in returning which left his little witch in a very depressed mood. He was flustered because he had yet to find a way to cheer her up. And at the moment he was having a very difficult time trying to convince her to go to sleep since she had managed to pick up a cold from somewhere.

“But I’m not tired.” She informed him in a very pouty voice that did not convince him one little bit.

“Well, lay down anyway and get comfy. I’ll sit here with you.”

“But what if I fall asleep before Jeff gets back?”

“Then I’ll wake you up… now shush.”

“Okay…” she replied in a sleepy voice. Moments later she was fast asleep. The minutes passed by as he silently watched her sleep. That boy better have a good reason on why he is so late returning. Chad really didn't like seeing her in such a condition. A few more moments passed and he heard the door opening quietly behind him. He just sighed to himself before turning around to see Jeff entering the bedchambers. Jeff quietly closed the door behind him and placed a small bag on the nearby night stand. Stay calm, Chad… he thought to himself. Now is not the time to start yelling since she was sleeping peacefully.

He walked over to the race car driver and amazed himself at how calm he was staying. “You are late.”

“I know I said I’d be here yesterday but I had another idea and it took me longer than I thought…” Jeff paused for a moment but before he could continue he was interrupted.

“I don’t want to hear it. That poor girl has been highly upset these past two days and it is all your fault. Plus she has also managed to catch a cold so I am NOT waking her up right now. So you better be ready to apologize to her in the morning.”

“Alright… alright… I get it. I screwed up.” Dang, someone has got his panties in a wad, Jeff thought to himself. He just glanced over at the sleeping witch and wanted to wake her up but was smart enough to realize that Knaus was not in the mood to be messed with. So he just waited patiently for the Crew Chief to continue.

“And as far as her Order mission is concerned. How dare you tell her what she can and can not do. You are NOT the boss of her. She wants to go undercover at Hogsmeade so I suggest you agree to whatever store she has picked out… something about a sporting goods store.”

“Fine… fine… I’ll agree to whatever she has picked out. Anything else I should know?”

“One last thing… there is NOTHING wrong with those Lowe's colors.”


Name (RavID): GirlyWithATwist
House: Slytherin
Mission Division: Security Operations: Open your ears in Hogsmeade

Dear Mission Chief GazeboGal:

I have come across a most awesome shop in Hogsmeade. It is a named Spintwitches and apparently sells sporting goods. This shop would be perfect for me to catch any rumours that may be flying around. Nobody should question why I am working in this particular store since it is a well known fact that I adore the muggle sport of car racing. The Race Car Driver has given me some lovely fingering weight yarn in colours that have been inspired by one of his race cars. I intend to use at least 800 yards to produce a scarf and a coordinating pair of fingerless mitts. And the best part about it… he was totally on board with my idea. ::lets out a totally un-Slytherin squee::

I shall wait patiently for your reply.  Until then... GirlyWithATwist

Name (RavID): GirlyWithATwist
House: Slytherin
Mission Division: Security Operations: Open your ears in Hogsmeade
Project Pages: RCD Spectra and Veyla
Total yardage: ~ 808.5 yards

“Chad… Are you awake?” Girly whispered in the darkness to get her crew chief’s attention.

“Yes… what about Burton? Are you sure he isn't going to wake up?”

“Of course I’m sure. Are you doubting my potion making skills? He won’t be waking up until the morning. Now come on… we can talk somewhere else.” She started to move silently through the bedchambers to the door motioning for Chad to follow her. The two slipped out of the room and into the Slytherin common room. She looked around the room until she found what she was looking for… a quiet spot to talk.

The two got cozy on a rather larger pillow on the floor and Chad pulled out the binder for her to write down notes for her mission report.

“I can’t believe you practically drugged Burton.”

“It was just a simple sleeping potion. Honestly Chad, it won’t hurt him. Besides he needed a good night’s sleep anyway. I still don’t know how you manage to thrive on so little sleep Mr. ‘I've seen 6:48 three times so far and haven’t been to sleep yet’.” She just shook her head at the Crew Chief.

“I drink lots of coffee. Now start your notes. We don’t have all night.”

A few moments passed as she frantically wrote what she had overheard at the sporting goods store in Hogsmeade. Wolves… actual wolves or animangi?!?!? Now that was the question.

“Wait… wolves?”

“Yeah, it was a bit weird. At first I thought maybe they were just talking about sports mascots but then they would get all nervous and look around to see if anyone was listening. And that would be just plain silly if it was something as innocent as a sports mascot.” She paused for a few seconds before continuing. “It would be the perfect animal to use since people are normally a little scared to go near a wolf. So no one would get close enough to see if it was just an actual animal. They could just stay in the shadows and listen. Wolves do have a really good sense of hearing.”

Chad just shook his head in response and placed his head on her lap. “Sooooo….”, said a sleepy voice… “Did you finish those items with the yarn Burton brought over for you.”

“Yes, yes I did and they both came out totally awesome!!! I made the scarf a little longer than the pattern called for which was a good idea since I barely got over the minimum yardage I proposed of 800 yards… I ended up using about 808.5 yards. And the mitts fit!!! I think the checkered flag buttons were a nice touch.”

“That’s nice… still think they would have looked good in Lowe's colors.” It didn't take long and soon she had a sleeping crew chief using her lap as a pillow.

Silly boy… looks like that lack of sleep has finally caught up. She just sat there in silence working on her notes while stroking his hair. But not even that could keep the haunting image out of her head… that of a light grey wolf with striking blue eyes staring right at her like it knew her.

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