Sunday, August 12, 2012

On to Rockford, Illinois


This upcoming Wednesday, we will head down to the lovely city of Rockford, Illinois. Why? It's simple really. Rockford is the hometown of my favourite Nascar Sprint Cup Crew Chief, Chad Knaus. When we drove here to Marinette, Wisconsin we drove right through Rockford since we were forced to take a more southern route due to inclement weather happening in the more northern states. At that time we didn't see much of the city since it was dark when we got there and we ended up going straight to a hotel to get some rest. We also left early the next morning in an attempt to get to Marinette before noon. And now at long last we will be making a proper visit to the city. So to say that I am excited about this trip would be a major understatement. I just hope I can remember to take pictures so I can post them and tell all about the trip.

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