Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Chad Knaus?

Chad Knaus - The mere mention of his name can elicit strong emotions. What other crew chief can be so dividing? Fans either love him or they hate him. It's that simple. But the fact remains that he is one of the most successful crew chiefs in the Sprint Cup series of Nascar.

I am not going to discuss the latest drama involving the Lowes #48 team because there are enough articles about that subject. Of course I am thrilled that his suspension was overthrown and I get to hear him on the scanner again. But then I have said many times that I am completely unable to be objective when it comes to him. The last time I checked I am not a reporter so no; I don't have to be objective about Chad.

Personally, I think he is a genius. He might even be too clever for his own good. And let's face it; he is easy on the eyes. He has amazing eyes (still not really sure on the color), a charming smile, and a laugh that is simply contagious. But Chad Knaus is more than just a pretty face. He is cunning, clever, ambitious, and highly competitive. He has a knack for finding the grey areas of rules. And when he finds them, he exploits them. As far as I am concerned he is just doing his job. It's the same job that every other crew chief is trying to do... win races. Sure, this has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. But what crew chief hasn't gotten into trouble for bending the rules on occasion?

He also has a passion for the sport which is just as strong as ever. During this year's Daytona testing, Chad was not present. For Chad, this is highly unusual. This is the same man who has not willingly taken a vacation in about a decade. He has given everything to this sport and as a result still remains single and childless. Racing is his life.

And most important of all is that I trust my instincts. Years ago, they lead me to pick the driver of the #99 Exide, Jeff Burton, and I knew absolutely nothing about racing at the time. Now they tell me that there is something good about Chad. I may not know what that is right now but I will listen. And I will figure it out no matter how long it takes me.


PNWBookGirl said...

His eyes are called "Hazel" they are a combination of green and brown. I see them in the mirror every day. ;-) They can change color depending what you wear to look more green or brown.

GirlyWithATwist said...

That's what I was thinking but I wasn't quite sure.

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