Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 3 Word Association Game

Pumpkin Juice
Owl Post
Leaf Blower
Weasley Red-heads
Quaffle Quidditch
Hallow Tree
Mad Cow Disease
Dragon egg
Crystal rocks
Trees Forbidden Forest
Hermione "Know-it-all"
Hogwarts Castle
Burrow cool place to live
Dobby annoying
Horcrux dark magic
Ministry of Magic
Magic Hogwarts
Sirius constellation
Apple Pie
Juice Pumpkin
Candle Floating
Ghost Hunters
Snake Charmer
Wand Buttocks
Invisibility Cloak
Tent Bigger on the Inside
Spell books
Umbridge Psychotic Lady who wears pink
Dursely uptight
Prophet Daily Newspaper

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