Sunday, June 13, 2010

Muggle Studies Homework

Part 1: Short Answer

1. Explain why Muggles need electricty.
Because they are unable to use magic.

2. What are the most common ways Muggles communicate when they are not together in the same place?
over something called a cell phone or with their computers

3. How do Muggles cope with broken items?
One muggle has informed me that something called duck tape can fix anything. I am not really sure how ducks do that.

4. Describe a popular Muggle sport.
There is this one muggle sport that is fascinating to me. It's called car racing. Grown muggle men get into the cars and race each other on oval tracks. Sometimes they crash into each other.

5. Name something you'd like to try doing without magic, and how you would accomplish it.
Knitting of course. That way I can get more done. I would probably go talk to Mrs. Weasley since I've been told that she is really good at that spell.

Part 2: Identify these common Muggle items.

1. A small squared-off rod held in the hand with many soft buttons on one side with numbers and words written on them.
A remote control

2. A metal box with a long, handled hose, which counts several sets of numbers when you compress the handle.
A gas pump

3. A heavy rod with a single button that emits light when pushed.
A flashlight

4. A small, thin, glossy rectangle that has pictures on one side and emits a variety of noises, often attached to Muggles' ears with a thin cord.
An Ipod

5. A large cabinet with one glass side, displaying a variety of neatly organized items, which occasionally spits one out when the correct code is entered.
A vending machine

Part 3: Find a picture of the following Muggles and describe why they are famous.

1. Spike Jonze - famous director

2. Oprah Winfrey - talk show host

3. Bono - famous singer and musician and lead singer of Irish rock band U2

4. Elizabeth II - Queen of England

5. J.K. Rowling - The only Muggle to know about witches/wizards and is not married to one. She has documented the life of Harry Potter.

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