Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting to Know...

Find one person for each of these questions. No repeats!

Who is new to HSKS this Term?
Genevra Dreamy of Hufflepuff
Who has played Quidditch for their House this Term?
Gryphon the Great of Ravenclaw
Who is working on the same project (WIP) as you?
Cassandra Crimsonchin - February Lady Sweater
Who has more items in their Queue than you?
Hermione Bagnold of Ravenclaw with 603 projects in queue
Who has donated to SPEW this Term?
Celestina Pettigrew of Gryffindor
Who has participated in Dueling Club this Term?
Rowan Dragonsinger of Hufflepuff
Who lives within 100 miles of you?
Olive Bumblebirch of Ravenclaw
Who is from a different country than you?
Lizzie Wychwood of Gryffindor

Comment on at least one blog from each of the other houses. List their names here and something you learned about them from their blog post

Hufflepuff: Fleur Sweeting has all 7 of the Harry Potter books in Spanish
Gryffindor: Lizzie Wychwood has been married for 25 years and celebrated the anniversary at a muggle place called Disney World.
Slytherin: Catriona Lestrange took a stroll out in the Forbidden Forest and may have spotted a Ford Anglia.

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