Monday, April 26, 2010

Mad Lib Part I

1. a verb: race
2. a number: 31
3. a body part: arm
4. an abstract noun: giddyness
5. a noun: car
6. a skin condition: goosebumps
7. a body part: leg
8. type of person/stereotype: busy-body
9. a substance: sugar
10. a fortune cookie phrase in all capital letters: YOU DESIRE TO DISCOVER NEW FRONTIERS. IT'S TIME TO TRAVEL.
11. article of clothing: t-shirt
12. verb ending in "-ed": jumped
13. neurological disorder: Arachnoiditis
14. an animal: black cat
15. a fruit: strawberry
16. a latin (sounding) phrase in all capital letters: CARPE MOMENTUM
17. a body part: elbow
18. a large animal: elephant
19. a food: cheesecake
20. a body part in plural: fingers
21. a verb ending in "-ing" : knitting
22. a nonsensical word in all capital letters: BWAAAHAAAHAA
23. a container: dead sea tupperware
24. a body part: ear
25. a noun: Tardis

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