Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winnie's Box of Clues

"Dear Wisty, Siobahn, and students,

After weeks of travel and following leads, I've found the person I was looking for: the thief who stole the Quidditch World Cup trophy! He was very reluctant to talk, quite angry and I had to defend myself. I'm sorry to say there won't be getting any information out of him anymore, and that's a problem because he's hidden the trophy somewhere. I gathered all of the personal belongings he had with him before his sudden demise, and am enclosing them in this package. Please take care as I haven't had time to inspect them for magical qualities beyond the obvious. See if you can identify where the trophy might be hidden. I will be staying at a low-profile inn awaiting your conclusion. Just send a note back by this same owl--she knows where to find me.


So here are the clues that were hidden in the box.

* Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
* Broken Wand
* Blood Pops
* Hand of Glory
* Hogs Head
* Golden Snitch
* A Quidditch Broom

I have been going back and forth between Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and maybe even Hogwarts itself but have come no closer to where the trophy could have been hidden. The first thing that entered my mind was Draco Malfoy but not sure about the whole Blood Pops thing unless he likes them. So maybe the greater London area? Yeah, totally not helpful at all but I can't think right now.

Some of the clues point toward the thief’s identity. If you’ve been following Winnie’s updates, you should have a vague idea by now of who he is, so think of which items would just be his because of who he is.

Some of the clues point toward the theft and/or hiding of the trophy. Think about which items would be useful in such an endeavor.

A couple of the clues point toward the location the trophy is hidden. These items are not obvious at first glance, so look closely.

Just like all of Winnie’s previous travels, the location will be a well-known place. As far as we know, Harry Potter has never been there (so think real-world places…though this doesn’t mean it was never, ever mentioned in the books).

So this latest information just confuses me even more. So I am just gonna go off on some wild tangent and say the Black Forest of Germany.

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