Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slytherin House Quiz #2

Are you a sock knitter?What are your foot measurements?
Yes, yes I am. My foot measurements are - 9 1/2 inches circumference & 9 3/4 inches length.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or a swift?
Yes, I have both.

Where/how to you keep you needles/hooks?
All my circulars are in the Knit Picks Options Case. The DPNs are outgrowing their case and the straight needles have no home. The crochet hooks live in a Crochet Hook Caddy.

Do you collect anything?
Does sock yarn count? Other than that, there is Egyptian items, anything with a triquetra on it, Nascar items (Jeff Burton - 31 car), Harry Potter items (Slytherin, of course), anything witchy, and anything Twilighty (totally Team Edward).


What is your favorite type of music? Are you MP3 ready?
I like a variety of music. The only types I don't care for are rap and disco. Yes, I am MP3 ready.

Do you like sweets? What are your favorites?
I love sweets. My favorites include lemon drops, gummy worms, maple syrup candy, chocolate (milk, white, and dark) and Brach's Mellowcreame pumpkins.

What is your living situation like? Any pets? Children?
I have two small boys - a 6 yr old and a 2yr old who will be 3 in November. I have no pets. I also have one husband.

Do you have an online wish list (Amazon, Etsy, Loopy Ewe, etc.)? Please include links for your swap pal.
Amazon Wish List
Loopy Ewe Wish List
Etsy Favorites List

Favorite Harry Potter movie character?
Cedric Diggory - too bad he is dead.



Lavender Diggory said...

Instead of collecting Jeff Burton stuff, have you thought of just collecting Jeff Burton?

Andromeda Finch-Fletchley said...

I would love to collect Jeff Burton!!! ::sighs::

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