Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Owl Post

This past week at Hogwarts was very busy. I have gotten settled in to the Snake Pit with my 3 roomies - Lily, Celecily, and Ariadne. In addition to my spoilee pal's name, the family owl Nemesis, had brought some other items for me. The first was the class list.

In addition to the above classes, I will also be taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. So I have a full schedule this year. Normally my favorite class is Potions. But this year, I might make an exception. We have a new professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts and he is completely dark and twisty looking. But in a good way.

Professor Cornelius Lufkin

Also mum had sent me some goodies. There was the two gummy snakes that didn't last long once they got here. Plus, she sent me some roving so I can work on my beginners spinning skills.

The roving came from Tempted Yarns and is 100% Blue Face Leicester top in Slytherin colors. It is very soft and hopefully I can find some time between classes and studying and quidditch to practice the spinning.

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Arabella Moody said...

i am so jealous! I wanted that so so badly! :0)

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