Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The wand chooses the wizard

Wood type: yew
Length: 14½ inches
Core: Gryffon Feather

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Yew is the Wood of Death. Used for its strength for bows in Greek times. The yew tree's branches grow into the ground, thus when the central trunk dies, the tree lives on as the branches become trees. It symbolizes transformation, great age, and reincarnation. Yew is especially good in spells involving spirits or raising the dead, and also in the dark arts, as well as in defense magic and shield charms.
Yew's personality is Enduring.

Gryffon Feather:
The gryffon originated in Greece, having the head and front legs of an eagle, but the hind quarters of a lion. Gryffon feathers are used in wands of wizards or witches who posses great strength whether physically, magically or emotionally. These wands are especially good for both offensive and defensive magic.

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