Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Over, It's Finally Over


I'll have to admit to watching the last 29 seconds of the game. Couldn't help myself. Part of me is glad that the Patriots lost. They did shut my Chargers out of the playoffs two years in a row. But the other part didn't care for the Giants winning. Must go back to the whole Manning snubbing of the Chargers. But at long last the football season has come to an end. Well, after the Pro Bowl that is. Most likely gonna watch that one. At least I can watch some of the Chargers play again. And speaking of the Chargers, they will be playing the St. Louis Rams in London this year in the upcoming season. Yeah!!!

But on the bright side of things, the Nascar season will be starting this month and I have something to watch on sundays again. The Bud Shootout is this saturday, the Gatorade 125s are on Valentines Day, and the Daytona 500 on the 17th. It's gonna be a tad weird to see Dale Jr. drive another car - the 88 car. But I will be cheering for Jeff Burton - the driver of the 31 car. Always.


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